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That time of the year when lights are sparkling, faces glowing, eyes shining, merriment in the air, is just around the corner. Diwali is the dearest festival for us Indians. We plan for Diwali 2-3 months earlier. Often checking Diwali dates at the start of new year. That much happiness this festival brings. But not just happiness, it brings with it some unwanted guests also, in the form pounds, either on the waist or the hips or butts or just everywhere.

Only glitch with this festival is the weight gain that accompanies with it. The reason our ancestors ate high calorie, fat laden foods during this time was to equip themselves for the cold winters. In earlier times, the winters used to be harsh due to less resources to safeguard against cold weather.

The tradition of eating sweets, high calorie foods during Diwali has continued till date but what we fail to realize is that we don’t need the extra fats now to deal with winters. We are already stocked with ample fat stores, thanks to high calorie foods all throughout the year.

This Diwali let’s modify the tradition a tiny bit and give ourselves and our future generations some healthy habits. Below are some tips to avoid weight gain this Diwali.


Drink enough water through out the day. First thing in the morning, drink a glass of warm water with honey, soaked chia seeds and lemon. Have half teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water, half an hour before dinner. This shall help you from overeating.


It’s easier to do away with exercises during festival time. But we recommend sticking to your fitness regime. Don’t skip it, instead get your whole family, be it old, young to do simple exercises or yoga or dance or stretching. Move it baby! Shake it! Shake it!


With home made sweets, you can easily control unnecessary fats. Remember the thumb rule for fats, it should be equal to the upper portion of your thumb. Don’t bathe the sweets in oil, ghee, etc. Like literally! Use fats sparingly. Modify your recipes. Use low calorie options. Make small sized food items.


With mindless eating, you do not have control over the food you put in your mouth. Eat mindfully. Look at the food you are eating, its portion size, take small bites, savor the taste for several minutes.

Use a smaller plate. Don’t gorge on sweets like its the end of the world. Allow yourself to eat only one small portion of the different delicacies.

For example, You can eat one chakli, one ladoo, one karanji a day.


Have dry fruits and fresh fruits instead of chocolates, candies, cookies. Gift the same to your friends, relatives. Remember, a moment on the lips, forever on the hips.

Have at least 2-3 servings of fruits in a day. Fiber is friends with weight loss. So, it will help control weight gain.


Enjoyment and party is not analogous to drinking. So, do your body a favor, avoid these empty calories at all cost.


Well, let’s just not disappoint ourselves with the numbers on the scale. Put it far away from your sight. If you follow healthy habits, trust us, you won’t need it this Diwali.


Affirm that you will follow these simple advises and won’t fume and fret over weight gain.

Follow these tips to avoid weight gain this Diwali and you will shine as bright as the lamps. Lastly, Diwali is a time of happiness and joy, weight issues shouldn’t curb it. Be happy in your skin and avoid over indulgence. Nutrizest wishes you and your family a very healthy, happy and safe Diwali. Do gaaj doori, mask abhibhi hai jaruri.

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