Aarti Rathod

Clinical Nutritionist, Obesity Consultant, Diabetes Educator, HR

About Nutrizest

A very zesty Welcome to you! Nutrizest was found in January 2020 by Aarti Rathod. It is a Diet Consulting and Blogging Website. Our fast lifestyle has made us forgo our health and fitness. Weight management is really very simple. The myths floating around have made us believe that it’s a Herculean task. One thing you can be sure of about this website is that we strive to provide genuine information and diet consultation based on scientific principles. We are here to help you achieve your fitness goals through lifestyle modifications, self discipline and simple dietary changes. Once you embark on your journey towards good health and fitness, you will realize it is very simple and achievable. Through our website, you will surely fall in love with the incredible science of Nutrition, fitness and reinvent yourself.    

About the Dietitian

Aarti Rathod is a qualified Clinical Dietitian. She has completed Masters in Clinical Nutrition from Pune University, Obesity Management certification from Medvarsity, Diabetes Education Certificate from ‘Project Hope’ International Diabetes Federation, MBA HR from PUMBA. She has an experience in obesity and weight management. She believes in approaching weight issues with kindness, empathy and compassion. The diet plans she recommends are simple and doable. She will definitely change your relationship with food into a healthy and happy one.