Our Strategies for Weight loss

Aarti Rathod is specialized in providing weight loss diet solutions. Obesity or excess weight gain is not just a cosmetic issue, in the long run it has the ability to put you at a risk of developing lifestyle diseases like heart issues, diabetes, thyroid problems, PCOD, etc. Excessive weight gain is a deviation from the normal and hence it is very important to get back to an ideal state.

Losing weight can be a challenge if you do not have a proper guidance. The reason you may have struggled earlier is because of some ‘quick fix’ solutions. Obesity is a by product of a faulty lifestyle hence our mainstay of addressing weight loss is through a balanced diet, clean eating, exercise and inculcating healthy habits.

Our strategy consists of assessing lifestyle, diet pattern, goal setting, developing a customized plan, following up weekly and encouraging food journaling.


We recommend easy exercises like walking, jogging, etc.

Personalized programs

We make tailor made diet programs according to your weight loss goals, liking and culture.

Diet Plan

Our Diet plan is a simple, practical and doable balanced nutritional plan.

Counselling and Follow up

We provide weekly counselling sessions and follow ups to keep you motivated.

Programs and Pricing

3 week Diet program


6 week Diet program


9 week Diet program


12 week Diet program