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I hear you! Not everyone likes to work out. And honestly, juggling domestic and professional or college life is no joke! That’s a different kind of anxiety. In the midst of this, life smiles in the form of food, and still even the food doesn’t act all fair. It makes us swell like an inflatable balloon. Duh! As if we need more reasons to cry. Wish there was a way to maintain weight without enrolling in those super expensive fitness programs. Take heart dear! Some at-home exercises can really help lose the flab and become all fab! No, I am not kidding. You say you don’t believe me?

Righty right then, get ready to be swamped by some simple at-home exercises that could actually help in losing weight. And what more, you could get a hot bod and an obsessively clean house. Isn’t cool? So, what are we waiting for, come on, let’s dive straight into it.

Walk around the house

Have you been sitting or lying on the couch for more than an hour? Come on, get up, put on the earphones, and just walk aimlessly from one room to the other for 15 minutes. Whenever you find yourself lying down for an hour or so, feel your legs and move around. 10000 steps per day can burn a whopping 500 calories. You can download a pedometer app or if your budget allows you, then get a cool watch that counts steps. Whichever you choose, house-walk your way to a fitter and slimmer body.

Climbing the stairs

The famous yesteryears’ Hollywood actor, Cary Grant, who was envied for his looks and physique, once said that he never worked out, instead, he always took the stairs. Climbing stairs is a great cardio exercise to lose weight, improve heart health and boost stamina. And as a cherry on top, you get leaner, envy-worthy legs into the bargain!

Mopping the floor

Did you know that mopping the floor for just 20 minutes is equivalent to 15 minutes of jogging? And hold on there’s more. It’s a great aerobic workout to tone up the arms, legs and core. Therefore people put on some funky music, sit in an Indian squat position, and get those muscles working. Hell yeah!

Washing clothes with hands

Wanna work up your arm muscles at home? Roll up your sleeves and bring a bucket full of dirty clothes to the bathroom. The whole process of washing, scrubbing, beating, and wringing the clothes by hands burns around 150 to 200 calories. Sounds like a pretty decent workout to me!

Also, if you have any energy left after washing clothes, scrub the bathroom floor also honey, please! If you do this for like half an hour, it shall burn some 200 calories and help get rid of those bat wings too! Yoo-hoo!

Washing the car

Put on those baggy old clothes, fill in a bucket of soapy water and give your car or bike a nice and clean wash. Washing the car is one of those full-body exercises which will leave you all sweaty by burning around 100 to 130 calories. Both you and your car will surely make the heads turn!


So, folks if you do all these at-home exercises daily, you may burn around 500 calories per day. Let me tell you an interesting fact: For every 3,500 calories burned, we lose half kg weight. That means by doing these exercises, you might just lose a pound every week. Come one now, get your hands dirty!

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